We are a small, US based company who can provide a complete GPS Vehicle Tracking for your fleet. This allows you to quickly see where your vehicles are, where they have been, and run reports tracking allowing you to analyze and understand. We are very quick to respond to both emails as well as by phone and we'll help you out.

There is No Charge for the Hardware.

Nope, the Hardware cost is covered as part of your Monthly Fee.

We use devices from the 3 Major Carriers (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile)
and we are more than happy to swap out units for different carriers to try.
Just send us yours and we'll swap it out.

Lifetime. Lifetime?
Yes, Lifetime for as long as you are paying for service on the unit.
Just send it to us and we'll send you back another one.

Yes, every 10 seconds once your speed exceeds 5 mph. Heartbeats happen every 5 minutes while stopped.

We keep the data for as long as you are a customer. Period.

All products sold can be returned for a Full Refund if returned within 30 days of receipt. All Units have a Lifetime warranty while as long as service is Active.

Simple. You can Adjust the number of Units you have or Cancel your Service
simply by sending your units back to us. Once we have received the units, we will stop your
Billing immediately. Just drop us a note to give us a heads-up to look for it, we'll give you
the shipping information and it'll all be done easy-peasy. No drama.

If, the hardware is damaged or lost, you can simply cover the cost of the hardware which is $95.

Sales: (850) 460-0506

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