Alerts are one of the most critical aspects of any GPS system.

All Alerts are available as either a SMS message to your phone or Email or both.

Geofence Alerts

One of the most important alerts in managing your fleet of vehicles. Specify an area as small as a city block or as large as an entire city.

Get Notified when your vehicles enter the Geofence, leave the Geofence or both.

Speeding Alerts

One of the most dangerous
things a Driver can do is Speed.

It places not only his life at risk,
but your Company's health as well.

Keep the Speeding in check by getting an alert the moment it happens.

Idling Alerts

Stopping is a normal part of business. Your Drivers make their stops and there is no harm in the Vehicle being stopped.

Idling, however, isn't quite as beneficial. When your Vehicles are stopped and running their engines, that's costing you money and putting wear and tear on your vehicles.

Know when your Drivers are idling with Idle Alerts. Get notified when they are sitting still with the engine running.

Stopped Alerts

Know when your vehicle is stopped whether Idling or Not. Know when your vehicles are at their destination, stuck in Traffic or maybe stopped somewhere they shouldn't be.

PTO Alerts

Power Take Off (PTO) Alerts allow you to monitor when your Vehicle is working and when it is complete.

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