10 Second Updates

Want to know where your Drivers and Vehicles are located? How about seeing where they were less than 10 seconds ago?
Know where they ARE, not where they WERE.

Don't go with 1 or 2 minute updates. Get more accurate data. More frequent updates means more accurate data and more accurate reporting.

No Contract

Why the heck would you sign a 2 year contract? We sure don't know why. Why the heck would you choose to buy a product that locks you into an agreement for 24 months! That's absurd!

We can guarantee you that there's no contract and no games because... it's in our name! We don't play games. If you don't love our service, cancel it.

Full and Complete History

See where your Vehicle and Driver were at any point 24/7 right at your fingertips with our full and complete history.

Unlike other companies that delete your valuable data after 4-6 months, we believe that your data is quite valuable and will never delete your data.

View the Map and Reports on Any Device

Don't be tied to your PC or Laptop. Track your Vehicles, View History or Run any Report from any of your Web-enabled devices.

Watch your driver on the move on our iPhone. See where your vehicles have been on your Tablet. Track all of your vehicles up on a huge monitor.

Watch your vehicles, your way on your devices. All of them.

SMS and Email Alerts

When you need to know what you vehicle is doing, you need to know NOW. That's why we offer both SMS Alerts too. No need to specify your carrier or worry if its not "supported". You'll get Alerts as soon as they happen on your phone, on your iPad or on your PC. Or an all 3 at once if you want. Get alerted to what your vehicles are doing AS soon as they are doing it, not afterwards!

State Mileage Reporting

Keep track of the mileage your vehicles accumulate by State by Vehicle. View it or Export it into Excel. Your data is never deleted and never archived.

Get the data at any time.

Live Map
Live Tracking! Reporting every 10 seconds so you know EXACTLY where your Vehicle(s) are.

View (and receive Alerts on) Battery Life!

Don't guess. Know.
Map History
Full History available 24/7

View any of your Vehicles at any time for as long as you have our service.

No Archiving, No Deleting. Kept forever. We promise.
Alert Types
Be Alerted with Email as well as SMS Messages!

Be alerted as soon as the vehicle leaves a GeoFence or exceeds a Speed or has been Stopped.

Unlimited Alerts (including Text Messages!). No Restrictions.
Report Types
Report on it! We give you access to whatever information you want.

Alert History to State Mileage Reports, it's all there. Don't see it? Drop us a note and we'll see what we can do.

All Reports are available in either on screen HTML or exportable to Excel.

Sales: (850) 460-0506

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