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Introduction to GPS Fleet tracking system

GPS fleet tracking devices are responsible for tracking the performance of a vehicle, and it also proves vital in recording the driving habits of a driver when on the road. A number of fleet management companies strongly recommend using GPS fleet tracking system into their fleets, and it proves significant in informing them on the performance and location of their fleet. It also informs a fleet management company on the occurrence of an accident, which could encourage them to dispatch immediate help to the site of the accident. The main objective of a GPS fleet tracking system is based on the accumulation of data for improving the efficiency and safety of a fleet system.

When it comes to finding an ideal GPS fleet tracking system, a number of fleet management companies are not sure of the features of their tracking system, and it requires them to conduct a research on the available GPS fleet tracking systems. The following comprehensive guide discusses the important elements which could prove significant in helping a fleet company to choose a GPS fleet tracking system for their vehicles.

Why should it be integrated to vehicles?

You should consider integrating a functional GPS fleet tracking system into your vehicles for a number of reasons. It serves as a virtual ride-along to accompany you on long and exhausting journeys, and it helps you in keeping the track of your journey without getting lost in the way. A GPS fleet tracking software intricately monitors your performance on the road, and it also makes sure that you are being responsible and safe on the roads when handling your vehicle.

A GPS fleet tracking system is inclusive of a software and hardware. A GPS tracking device in its hardware differs as per your preferences, and it comes in a wired unit or OBD unit to cater to your needs accordingly. You can easily install these options into your vehicle, and get started with your journey. By using a GPS fleet tracking system into your vehicles, the track and performance of the vehicles is traced by global positioning system. The information is extracted on a dashboard or software, which records the performance of your vehicles.

Reasons to use a GPS fleet tracking system to your vehicle

The integration of GPS fleet tracking system into vehicles has become a common practice, and it can benefit a vehicle owner in the following ways:

1. Enhances the overall bottom line

The main objective of using a GPS fleet tracking system caters to improving the efficiency of the vehicles to save excessive money on fuel. It provides the drivers maneuverable approach to control the speed of their vehicles, which results in saving money on the gas, and it also decreases the repair cost if your vehicle is involved in an accident. On the contrary, it has been publicized that the insurance companies offer discount to their clients if their vehicles are integrated with a GPS fleet tracking systems. It proves beneficial in improving your bottom-line.

2. Improves the efficiency of a driver

The GPS fleet tracking software is dedicated to improving the efficiency of a driver. It informs the driver on the estimated time to reach a destination, and it also informs them on the shortest route to their destination. A GPS tracking system also allows a driver to preplan their schedule for an upcoming week, which could help them in saving time. It also allows them to analyze data, which could result in improving the overall performance of drivers when it comes to driving. It helps them in reaching their destinations on time, and it could prescribe them with a route to help them save fuel cost.

3. Record your driving performance

Fleet tracking software like PeakGPS is dedicated to recording your driving performance, and it proves significant in eradicating any false complaints against your performance on the road. The software comes with a ‘no contract’ feature, which makes it easy for a driver to accumulate the corresponding data regarding their performance on the road.

4. Monitor the performance of a driver

If you own a fleet management company, you are often required to make the best use of no contract and wired GPS systems to ensure a proper conduct of your drivers on the good. A GPS fleet tracking system by PeakGPS is designed to alert an owner on the performance and location of a driver at a particular time.

GPS tracking software

PeakGPS has introduced a ‘no contract’ GPS fleet tracking system, which could be integrated into vehicles for a short span of time, and it does not require elaborative terms and conditions for allowing a car owner to install the device into their vehicles. The GPS tracking device by PeakGPS comes in two modules; wired unit and OBD unit. The OBD unit comes with a 5-second install, and it could be plugged into an OBD port to initiate its functions.

Things to consider when choosing a GPS fleet tracking system

The concept of having a GPS fleet tracking system is fairly new to a number of vehicle owners, and it requires them to take few things into their consideration, prior to selecting a GPS fleet tracking system into their cars and trucks respectively.


Similar to the regular type of GPS tracking systems, a GPS fleet tracking system is dedicated to determine the location of the vehicles, evaluate the routes, and navigate the driver on the road. In addition, these systems are also responsible for providing information on the diagnostics of the vehicle along with the maintenance of the tracking system to ensure a safe driving behavior of the drivers on the road.

A majority of the hardware devices are equipped with sensors and accelerometers, which prove fundamentally important in alerting a fleet company on the performance of the driver, and it is documented and recorded accordingly. An efficient GPS fleet tracking system is equipped with features which assists a manager with tracking and managing fleet. It is also used for ensuring fuel efficiency on the roads. A number of software is equipped with scheduling to help a driver in focusing on its tasks. The use of such features is considered useful for providing ETA accurately, and it also ensures the arrival of the driver on the estimated time.


Pricing plays a vital role in choosing a GPS fleet tracking system for your vehicle, and you should make sure that it consists of the fundamental features to accompany you on a road trip. A GPS tracking system should be affordable, and any vehicle owner should be able to integrate a GPS system into their vehicles without breaking their banks. In addition to its pricing and affordability, a GPS device for a fleet tracking system should include the following features:

  • Compatibility with fuel cards
  • Navigation and communication features
  • Dashboards with unique and accurate metrics
  • Ongoing customer support

Key features of a GPS fleet tracking system

A GPS fleet tracking system can benefit your vehicle in a number of ways, and you should keep the following key features in mind prior to settling down with a GPS tracking system for your vehicle.

Easy to navigate

The trend of integrating GPS tracking systems into fleets has grown over the years, and naturally, a number of companies have introduced highly advanced software, which are not meant to be used by everyone. You should look for a GPS fleet tracking system that comes with a simple dashboard to make it easily navigable and accessible.

Mobile access

You should make sure that the GPS Fleet tracking system of your preference comes with a mobile access to support mobile device usage. A number of GPS fleet tracking applications lack a mobile access, which deprives it of its fundamental features. Having a GPS tracker device with a mobile access is important to ensure that it is cloud-based to help you with your immediate concerns during a trip.

Alert systems

GPS are designed to work as alert systems, and they are capable of recognizing a valid concern regarding the driver or a vehicle. The alert system notifies a representative via an email or text, and it can get you an instant help immediately. You should select a GPS provider, which allows you to encode alerts for certain occurrences, which could be detrimental to your vehicle or you.

Instant help via customer support

A GPS device for a fleeting tracking system is equipped with an instant customer support feature, which allows you to reach out to an assistance to help you regarding the navigation on the roads. When selecting a GPS system for your vehicles, you should reach out to a vendor which allows you to connect with a representative to help you with your concerns on the spot. The customer support is provided by a phone call or live chat, and it is also inclusive of documentation, email support, how-to video, and disk ticket systems in few GPS trackers.