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Thank you for trusting us with your GPS needs. 

You should have already received an email with a link to Register on the website and all units are already setup in your account. Contact us at if you have not.

BLACK – Ground Wire    RED – Hot/Positive Wire   WHITE – Ignition Wire

The typical install location is behind the dash/radio or hidden under a seat and is  generally wired off of the fuse box to ensure that the unit is protected from power surges.

The unit MUST be installed in the cabin of the vehicle. 

Installing the unit in the engine compartment will VOID the warranty.

4 Easy Steps to Install

Step 1) Disconnect Battery in Vehicle for Safety

Step 2) Connect the Black wire to the chassis or a quality Ground location 

Step 3) Connect the Red wire to a Constant Power fused source. Do not connect to a Switched power source as the unit should remain powered on at all times to send heartbeat messages and maintain continuous GPS and data connection. Should the unit be connected to a Switched power source, it will require several minutes to boot and reacquire Satellite and Data connections. This will affect your reporting.

Step 4) (optional) Connect the White wire to a Switched Power fused source. This wire lets the GPS unit know when the Vehicle is on or off and sends messages to our servers to indicate Ignition On and Ignition Off statuses. 

The units have 2 LED lights on them to indicate their status and help with Troubleshooting:

GREEN LED – This is the GPS status light. This indicates whether the unit has acquired its GPS position

Light Solid – The unit has acquired a good GPS signal

Light Blinking – The unit is acquiring GPS. This should only last for a few minutes while the unit triangulates its position. Should it continue longer, check mounting position

AMBER LED – This is the Data Connection. It indicates whether it is connected to the Cellular Network

Light Solid/Blinking 4 Times – If the amber light is solid or blinking 4 times (and then repeating) then unit has successfully communicated with the cellular network and is ready to transmit.

Light Blinking Rapidly – This indicates the unit is attempting to communicate with Network

Light Blinking Slowly – The unit has failed to access the network. Should this continue, contact Support.

You must begin driving over 10 mph before the unit begins reporting!